Finding Wellness

126. [INTERVIEW] A raw conversation about maternal mental health that all moms need to hear with Peg Sadie

October 18, 2022 Megan Eddinger
Finding Wellness
126. [INTERVIEW] A raw conversation about maternal mental health that all moms need to hear with Peg Sadie
Show Notes

Today I'm chatting with Peg Sadie about all things maternal mental health: Medicine, therapy, coaching, community, supplements, signs and symptoms, burnout, anxiety, depression, and so so much more! This is SUCH an important conversation that I believe all moms need to hear. 

About our guest: Peg Sadie
On a mission to reshape the legacy of maternal health, Peg founded Resilient Mom Academy™,  realizing her vision of bridging the gap between therapy and thriving for struggling moms. Her own experience with postpartum depression/anxiety and overwhelm ignited her passion to help moms create calm and intentional lives with holistic self-care. Peg is a trained psychotherapist & resilience coach (BA PSY + MA Professional Counseling PSY), wife of 20 years, and empath-INFJ mom of two boys. Peg has been featured in over numerous media outlets including InStyle, Women's Health, Parents, Dr. Oz The Good Life, NBC News, MSN, Good Housekeeping, and Redbook. She hopes to help moms feel less alone and more empowered in their motherhood journey.

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Did you hear??? I'm writing a f*cking book! I'm sharing all the lessons learned as a young mom with undiagnosed anxiety and depression and I want to take you along for the journey! Stay up to date for all things book related here.

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**Disclaimer** This podcast is not a substitute for mental health treatment. Megan shares her personal experience in an effort to spread awareness. If you have concerns about your mental health please use the resources below or talk to your doctor.

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